Backing Local Small Businesses

Seeing the response to small businesses during COVID, compared to big box stores left us with a desire to bring value and serve where our communities need it most.

How the landscape changed

Over the last 2 years during my Co-Founder and CEO Alex Wells and I took a shift in our careers like many of you may have.

We have spent the last decade growing and scaling small businesses at a digital agency. We learned everything about growing SMB’s and scaling brands.

Our clients have always needed help with:

  • Business Evaluation and Planning
  • Process Development
  • Staffing strategy
  • Sales Processes
  • Technology Improving customer experience
  • Outsourcing – when and what should be?
  • Preparing for Growth
  • Branding, Reviews and Reputation

We saw first hand in 2020 how small businesses that did not have a strategy in place, or a holistic game plan got hurt the most.

This inspired us to action.

The entrepreneur is the spirit of America.

Inspiration to build something for your family and community is the heart of what makes each state unique in our country.

Our goal and intention is to help small businesses and local brands achieve profitability, scalability, and to be an empowerment hub to their communities.

Bottom line?

We want to invest and pour our energy and capital into serving the businesses that allow local communities to thrive.

Our 20+ year track record of scaling SMB’s gives us the confidence to make an impact locally and create change for the better.

This next decade there is going to be massive for small businesses, local economies, and the circular economy will be a focus for many communities.

If you would like to learn more, join our investor list or reach out and share your businesses story with us.

At this time we are not accepting outside capital, but will update those on our list when we do accept outside capital and have deals available for LP’s.